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Grand European opera houses: 

Magyar Állami Operaház, Budapest (1875/1884) (Miklós Ybl)
Palais Garnier, Paris (1861/1875) (Charles Garnier) 
Romanian Athenaeum, Bucureşti (1888) (Albert Galleron)

Photographed by David Leventi ( X )


This little old abandoned house in my neighborhood is a beautiful sight on a spring day


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Fashion Wonderland: Dolce&Gabbana autumn/winter 2012-2013

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"Kiki’s Delivery Service" (1989)


Chelsea, London



Okay, here’s the deal: I re-opened my commissions in hope that people will ask me to draw something for them for a decent sum of cash. My girlfriend, Molly, is going to climb out of her hole and come up to Montreal where I, the Miniature Horse, reside. 

The thing is, trips are pretty expensive and even though I worked out as cheap a budget as possible, it’s still costing us 913$. This is all for one person, this doesn’t account for my own expenses of travel and food in the city. My current situation is that I’m unemployed by feverishly seeking work, however even if I can land a job before she arrives I will not be paid until she leaves to go back home. I receive only enough money each month to pay my rent and have 100$ left over for my phone bill, transit, and food. I have 75$ in savings and well I’m not sure how long that’ll last.

Molly is currently working, however even if she works every single day full-time she wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of the trip. We’re debating shortening to visit so that we cut the expenses in half, since what’s really costing us right now is her lodging and her bus ride up here. Both she and I are taking commissions, and while my selection of examples is pretty meagre and pitiful (I don’t have a lot of to show considering I never had time in the past to draw), I hope it gives an okay idea of what you’d receive.

These are really low prices, especially for a full painting, but I’ll take as many commissions as I can in order to garnish our budget. Of course, if you’re so generous as to just drop off a couple dollars without asking for a drawing, that’s definitely something we’ll take! My paypal e-mail is, or you can visit my blog for the donation link on my sidebar. I really hate asking for donations, I really hate the idea of even making an “emergency commissions” post, but everything helps.

For prices:

(Not shown, sorry, didn’t have good examples ready) sketches - 5$

Coloured sketches - 10$

Lineart (not coloured) - 15$

Cell-shaded Illustration- 25$

Full painting - 40$

Reblogs very, very appreciated!

*urges people to reblog because i only got one commission so far*


Death mask of Tutankhamen, from the innermost coffin in his tomb at Thebes, Egypt, Dynasty XVIII, ca. 1323 BCE.



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Real Gabinete Português de Leitura | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

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